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Autumn Leaves

Clearing the leaves from a lawn is an important task throughout the year but especially during the autumn months when there will be a significant fall of dead leaves and small branches.Leaves Whilst the changing colours look great whilst the leaves are still on the trees the fallen leaves and debris should be removed from the lawn as quickly as possible. Leaf damage to a lawn can be severe and long lasting.Fallen leaves will smother and kill areas of grass, attracting worm activity, within a few weeks creating opportunities for moss growth and unsightly bare patches. Different species of tree will shed their leaves at different times which means that attention is required from late September through to early December - any strong winds or storms will obviously accelerate leaf fall.

Leaves should be cleared up regularly throughout this period, either with a plastic broad tined rake, a besom, lawn mower, Billy Goat or blower/vacuum dependent upon the leaf fall and size of area to be cleared.