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Q: When is the best time to start treating my lawn?
A: It doesnt really matter when the programme starts as it will be tailored to the individual needs of the lawn and will therefore take the time of the year into account. The programme will see the lawn through the different seasons whenever it starts – the only thing that will be dependent upon a start date is the possible sequencing of the treatments within the programme. There is certainly not a ‘bad’ time to start treating a lawn.

Q: What if I feel my lawn is beyond help?
A: Rarely is a lawn totally beyond help and, given time and the appropriate treatments, is normally recoverable. If however during the evaluation we feel that a better solution is to start again we will advise at the time and propose an alternative ie reseeding or turfing.

Q: How long will it take for my lawn to improve?
A: That very much depends upon the condition of the lawn at the start of the programme, the treatments proposed and to some degree the time of the year. All of these factors will be taken into account during the evaluation and discussed with you so that the correct expectations are set at the outset. As a rule however an improvement should be seen within the first 2-3 weeks.

Q: Why can't I apply the same products and achieve the same results?
A: The products we use are generally not available to the public and available only to professionals with the correct qualifications and expertise. As such they will generally achieve better results than those available in a garden centre or other retail outlet.

Q: I already have a gardener – will I still need him/her?
A: Our programme of treatments should complement the work being done by a gardener and we will work with him/her to coordinate activities such as our treatments and mowing.

Q: It must be more expensive if I let you treat the lawn?
A: It is much more likely that the costs will be less than if you were to do the job yourself.

Q: Why dont you recommend a fixed number of treatments annually?
A: The programme we will recommend is based upon all of the factors that we identify during the evaluation process and therefore the number of treatments is tailored to the lawns needs.

Q:  Do I need to water my lawn after your visit/treatment?
A: In most cases no as we will adapt the products used to the weather conditions in order to avoid scorch etc. In the unlikely event that watering is required we will advise and agree before treatment.

Q: When will I see the weeds start to die?
A: You will start to notice the weeds dying off within 4-7 days dependent upon weather conditions.

Q: Are you qualified to apply the products that you use?
A: Yes. The application of pesticides and herbicides used requires training and certification to NPTC level. All of our employees will be qualified to this level as a minimum requirement.

Q: Are the treatments hazardous to children and pets?
A: The granular fertlisers applied are approved for use on domestic lawns and are not hazardous provided they are used in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. After application of any liquid herbicide for weed treatment children and pets should stay off the lawn for roughly 20-30 minutes until the treatment has dried.

Q: Is there a contract to sign?
A: No, we will never ask you to sign a contract.If at any time you wish to stop the treatments for any reason simply let me know in advance.

Q: How much will it cost me?
A: As you might expect our prices are based upon the treatments required and the size of the lawn. A single lawn treatment may start from as little as £20.00 per visit. To be able to provide an exact cost we would need to visit and evaluate the lawn – please contact us