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There is a wide array of pests and diseases that can effect the health and appearance of your lawn. However a lawn which is healthy will always be less susceptible to some of these problems than a poorly maintained lawn. Chafer Grub Damage

Some diseases and pests will only be unsightly and irritating whilst a minority will cause serious damage to the lawn if left untreated.

A more detailed explanation of common pests and diseases is written under Lawn Pests and Common Diseases.

Pink PatchPrevention is often far better than cure and a Midlands Lawn Care programme of treatments will greatly reduce the likelihood of  occurence. Also regular visits to your lawn for scheduled treatments will allow us to spot developments at an early stage that you might not always be aware of. Once a problem does become apparent you can be confident that we have the experience and knowledge to be able to diagnose it correctly and to recommend and carry out the appropriate course of action to remedy it.