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Typically during a visit and evaluation Midlands Lawn Care will propose a programme of treatments to treat and improve your lawn. This will be discussed with you and documented in writing within a day or so. The programme may consist of ‘routine’ treatments such as feeding and weed/moss/pest and disease control and ‘cultural and mechanical’ treatments such as aeration, scarification and top dressing which may be carried out annually or every few years.  Work such as turfing would generally be carried out as a specific project and be outside the programme. There is no contract to sign and the programme can be stopped at any time of your choosing.

Lawn Feeding
Applying lawn fertilisers to your lawn is about much more than making your grass greener – it is also about keeping it healthy and resistant to drought and disease.  Each of the fertilisers that is applied as part of your lawncare programme will contain the appropriate balance of NPK to ensure the grass plant has the nutrients it needs throughout the year...more detail

Weed Control
A weed is to most people a plant growing in the wrong place ie where it is not wanted. In the lawn therefore any plant that is not a variety of grass is deemed to be a weed. Weeds will always be a problem at some time or another....more detail

Moss Control
Most lawns in the UK will have moss present even if only in small, localised areas. It is important to recognise that moss is a symptom of, rather than the cause of, a poor lawn or area of poor turf....more detail

Pest/Disease Control
There is a wide array of pests and diseases that can afflict the health and appearance of your lawn. However a lawn which is healthy will always be less susceptible to some of these problems than a poorly maintained lawn....more detail

The basic principle of aerating a lawn is to create slits, holes or fractures in the turf so that air and water, both essential for a grass plants healthy development, can penetrate beneath the surface....more detail

The basic principle of scarifying a lawn is to remove excess thatch or moss that will otherwise prevent strong, healthy grass growth....more detail

Seeding and turfing may be used either for laying a new lawn from scratch or for renovating an existing lawn. The latter may be due to localised damage, extending a lawned area, strengthening following scarification or disease and so on....more detail

Top Dressing
Top dressing is the application of bulky material to the surface of the turf. This is a key part of a professional groundsmans annual activity but rarely applied regularly to domestic lawns. The top dressing will consist of....more detail